Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair

Everyone knows that having an ice maker is a phenomenal convenience to have in one's home. There's no need to worry about scarcity by using trays or spilling water all over your floor. Just perfectly shaped, abundant ice cubes.

When it breaks down especially in the summertime it can be a cause for Panic but here at Prime Repair Company, we keep things cool in the Dania Beach heat. Having a repair technician come in to assess the damage is the best course of action to mitigate the cost.

Different Models We Work With

• Built-in ice machines

• Free-standing ice machines

• Freezer ice makers

• Portable ice machines

Common Causes for Concern

1. Halted Production

This is another problem that owners run into just due to absent-mindedness. There is a latch on all ice makers that stop or start production. If the latch is switched into the off mode then obviously nothing will come of it.

However, if everything is set to standard and operating as it should then you can have us come in to check it out. It won't need a replacement but it's definitely not anything you'll be able to solve alone from a simple tutorial.

2. No cool cubes

If you aren't getting any cubes from your ice maker then it means it's not getting an ample supply of water to create anything. Unclogging the lines or replacing them is a surefire way to fix it. If that still doesn't solve your problems then it may be the filtration system that's causing it.

Changing them biannually will keep them up to date and functioning optimally. Otherwise, we can come in to check it out for you.

3. Arctic temperatures

The sillier and simpler way to solve this is to turn your freezer to a normal temperature if you went overboard with the thermostat. It could also be broken which is the most common occurrence after number one.

If everything seems to be working as it should then an experienced technician can come in to see what the exact issue may be.

Contact Prime Repair Company of Dania Beach

When your ice maker is nowhere to be found and the summer sun is getting to you, then a reliable company that will get the job done the same day is who you need. We specialize in constant training and keeping up to date in trends and innovative technologies so we aren't caught with our pants down when a new appliance needs to be tested.

Give us a call the next time your ice maker is on the fritz.